Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Army & the Stryker

This subject actually hits pretty close to home for me. My brother (one of three) just returned from his second tour in Iraq. He is in the infantry and the Army's newest form of transportation/weapon known as "The Stryker." It is a armored vehicle and until this year it could withstand most explosives better known as RPG's. It looks like a cross between a Humvee and a Tank. While the Tank is heavier and can withstand more, it doesn't travel nearly as fast and the Humvee has proven to be a target in Iraq and Afganistan. The Stryker offers the Army a faster mode of transportation and added protection that the other two vehicles lack.

Here are some tidbit's about it:

It is the lightest armored vehicle and only weighs about 19 tons.

It is capable of traveling up 62 mph.

It has eight wheels and moves so fast that Iraqi's refer to its soldiers as "Ghost Riders."

It can withstand force of 14.5 mm armor piercing rounds, 50-caliber bullets and 152 mm airburst shells, with a reinforced undercarriage that helps protect against the impact of mine explosions.

I hope to get some first hand information about the Stryker from my brother so be sure to check back!!

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